Bank of the West closes Amagi Metals' account due to ...

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Amagi Metals – Precious metal furnisher; There are other companies that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well which are not included on the above list. It would be an impossible task to include all of them. However, the above listed companies that accept Bitcoinare a few of the major ones most people have heard about. We will ... Strona zajmująca się sprzedażą metali szlachetnych i monet, Amagi Metals, ogłosiła że wraz z końcem 2016 przestanie akceptować płatności w amerykańskich dolarach. Założyciele twierdzą, że „stracili zaufanie” do najpopularniejszej waluty fiat. Podczas gdy większość firm Amagi Metals, the precious metals furnisher, recently revealed that their current bank account with the San Francisco-based Bank of the West (BotW) is going to be closed in the middle of August. Why? Well… Because they accept Bitcoin as a payment method and the institution sees that as a risk. “We have worked with BotW since 2011. At Amagi Metals you can buy gold, silver, platinum, copper in the form of coins and bars for example. There are also certain collectibles and accessories for sale. So if you are into the physical gold and want to pay with digital gold (Bitcoin) and Ether then check out Amagi Metals. You can pay with a range of cryptocurrencies and that includes ETH! Find out which metals they have for sale on ... Following in the footsteps of Amagi Metals, another precious metal seller that accepts Bitocin, Euro Pacific’s adoption of Bitcoin will make it much easier for individuals to protect their savings from any government-induced economic disasters. Being able to buy gold and silver with Bitcoin allows people to trade in their fiat money for Bitcoin and then use some of their coins to purchase ... Precious metals dealer Amagi Metals announced it is now paying its entire staff in bitcoin via payroll service provider Bitwage.. The move forms part of the company’s plan to ‘divorce‘ the ... Cada empleado en Amagi Metals ha fijado que un porcentaje de su sueldo (el cual varía de persona a persona) sea pagado en Bitcoin. Para demostrar su apoyo, Macaskill personalmente se pagará aproximadamente $40.000 de su salario en Bitcoin este año. A pesar de los retos que plantea la operación de un negocio con Bitcoin, Macaskill espera un mayor grado de estabilidad en el largo plazo. Él ... Metalli preziosi: Dai gioielli ai metalli preziosi, puoi convertire facilmente il tuo Bitcoin. Reeds Jewelry è lieta di vendere anelli e collane per la moneta digitale più famosa, ed altre aziende come Amagi Metals possono anche convertirli in lingotti d'oro e d'argento. Sport: Gli appassionati di sport non possono sentirsi esclusi. Sebbene ... Following the footsteps of Amagi metals, Euro Pacific Precious Metals, one of the largest international gold and silver dealers started accepting Bitcoin.

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Binance hacked! 7000 BTC Stolen

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